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Label or Barcode Verification & Validation System


ReVeRe Label Validation System

Improper labeling is one of the biggest reasons for food recalls. Imagine using the wrong film for packaging products that contain allergens. Or incorrect labels applied to your finished goods. Not only would the results be terrible for the end user, but food recalls are expensive and time consuming. Not to mention damaging to your brand. Having a system that you can securely and reliably “teach” to read a bar code, then verify every subsequent bar code is readable and correct, gives great piece of mind. This system protects your company from serious and damaging repercussions.


“ReVeRe” — Read, Verify, Reject

Protect your brand and customers with label validation, protected processes and password secure operations. Ensure your supply chain receives only products meeting your exacting standards.

Operation Process

An Operator logs in to the system and then uses the input device, (selectable: Hand Scanner, Badge Reader, Static Scanner / imager, or Network download) to “teach” the system the product identifier, typically a bar code, (linear or 2D or RFID chip).

This data is sent to the PLC to compare all subsequent codes until the next over-riding teach.

Some applications (client driven), require redundant processes for security. In these cases, a second person, usually a supervisor, logs in and verifies that the correct code has been taught.

The Operator starts the System by pressing the Start Button. All bar codes are then scanned as they pass the inspection station.

All correct products simply pass to the next stage of packaging.

If the system receives a wrong code, the system immediately sends a stop command to the infeed conveyor, and alert the operator to address the incorrect film or labels.

If the system receives a “No Read” it will emit a Reject signal and reject that product off the line.

In the event of XX (programmable) “No Read” outputs in a row, the system sends a stop command to the infeed conveyor alerting the operator to address the cause of the no reads such as a dirty print head or incorrect code placement.

The system tracks all transactions, events and changes with time and date stamp recording. These transactions can be offloaded and saved per production run.


The ReVeRe Label Validation System is driven by an Allen Bradley® PLC with a color touchscreen interface. The ReVeRe system is capable of single and dual scanner/imager applications, as well as scanning two labels on a single product, or single labels on two adjacent lines. Each scan head includes a reject signal for any wrong bar code reads or unreadable codes. The system includes multiple level password protection for Operator, Supervisor, and Administrator.

Input Device Options

Hand Scanner
Badge Reader
Fixed Position Scanner/Imager

Scan Heads From


Enclosure Options

Stainless Steel Scanner Head Enclosure(s)
Stainless Steel System Enclosure Cabinet