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Scale Solutions

If its food processing, its most likely weighed at some point.
Whether your using Portion Scales or Floor Scales, Code Pack can help.
Portion Scales, Bench Scales, Check Weighing, Fork Lift or Floor Scales.


In-Motion MotoWeigh® Scales and Checkweighers

In-motion scales and checkweighers use conveyor belts to weigh product while they are in motion on the production line. If the package is within the target weight range, it continues on through processing. If the product is not within range, we integrate diverters to remove over or under-weight packages from the production line.


BenchMark™ Scales

When bench scales are incorporated into a production process, an operator places the product or package on the scale base and the scale display indicates the product weight. If the scale is designed to verify if the product is within pre-set weight targets, the scale display indicates whether the package is over, under, or within the accepted weight range. The operator can then send the package on through production, or remove it from the production line so it can be adjusted.


Calibration Weight Sales

Should you require on site calibration weights, we can help. Weight sets are divided by scale capacity, if you don't know what you need, ask our Certified Technician.


We are an authorized distributor for Rice Lake Weighing Systems, the industry leader in weighing solutions.

Ask us about Integrating a Scale

We also provide, repair, and service many scale makes and models, including forklift scales and floor scales in addition to bench scales and in-motion scales. Proper scale maintenance and certification is an essential step to accurate weight integration into packaging and processing operations, which is why Code Pack is Certified to repair, calibrate and place your scale into commercial service in MN and Iowa.