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Code Pack Solutions

Accumulating over 60 years of labeling experience into one company, Code Pack integrates its Custom Automated Solutions to improve your company's processes. Our Commitment to response and responsibility is unparalleled.


Standard and Custom Labeling Solutions

  • We offer pre-printed apply, print and apply, Stainless Steel high speed printing, weigh price labeling as well as scale labeling. Tired of placing labels on a box by hand? We got it covered when it comes to label placement and accuracy. Contact Us to learn more.


Conveyor Installation and Maintenance

  • We provide and service many types of conveyors, from mild to stainless steel, we can make it work for your operation. With custom belting such as rollers, Interlock, and DC power rollers we provide a variety of solutions and options. Contact Us to find out more information.
  • Food plant, dry room, wash-down, painted steel, installation, training, assembly


Weigh Scale Repair, Calibration, and Certification​

  • We offer full service to any scale up to 5,000 pounds, including yearly calibration to comply with state certifications.​ 
  • Certified in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota.
  • ​​If your company needs an upgraded weigh system added to your process or fix an existing scale we have your solution.​ Contact Us to learn more.

Custom Stainless Steel Wash-down Enclosures

  • Hand Made, Stainless steel wash-down rated enclosures custom designed to meet your specifications. We will create an enclosure to protect your computer, printer or scanner while the area is washed down, saving the expensive components from harmful cleaning chemicals. Contact Us to learn more.

Custom Stainless Steel Applicator Stands and Walk-overs

  • Hand Made Stainless steel stands for wash down applications
  • Hand Made, wash-down rated walk-overs make it easy for you to get over a conveyor belt instead of walking around it. Contact Us to learn more


  • ​Printing application of High-Resolution barcodes. This includes high definition ink jet printers capable of printing linear and 2D, with all symbologies as well as human-readable capabilities. Contact Us to learn more.


  • High speed Scanning of barcodes for traceability and tracking as product moves along a conveyor or stands still. 
  • Verify product, or send to a sorting device.
  • Wash-down enclosures for food processing plants.
  • Contact Us to find out more information.

Liquid Filling Machinery 

  • High-quality, high-speed Liquid Filling and Capping Solutions From PSR Automation.  You will be hard pressed to find a better built solution. This family of robust, intelligent filling solutions is something Code Pack is proud to represent.

Rental Equipment



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