My Weigh

Weigh Price Labeling Software

​Weigh Price labeling made simple.

We have developed a solution to weigh price labeling, building
the integration between in-motion and bench scales, database,
printer applicators and desktop printers. The best part?
It’s bi-lingual. Our Software allows users to select between 

English and Spanish on the scale session and reporting pages.


Special Offerings:

  • Annual support programs with upgrades
  • Telephone, email and on-site support
  • Customizable label design, formatting and​ database management
  • Bi-lingual screens selectable by user, allowing​ users an interface in English or Spanish

How It Works​

Weigh Price Labeling is a web-based program that can be standalone, or networked into an exisiting system. Within the program, the label for the product can be characterized with a product ID, description, barcode, unit price, serial number, date offset, unit tare weight, weight unit, and more.

The program uses BarTender, a third-party software to run in the background. The software is an interface that brings BarTender and My Weigh together in a more easily configured view.

Within the system, you are able to access the label print history. This tab can be organized by print date, shift, product, serial number, price per weight, gross weight, tare weight, net weight and more.

For the configuration fields, you can access the label template, printer choice, different products and different scales.

Weigh Price Labeling, ​an Integration software to automatically Weigh, Label and Capture Data using a variety of products.